Faktor – Faktor yang Berhubungan dengan Kejadian Perlengketan Plasenta (Retensio Placenta) di Rumah Sakit Islam Jakarta Cempaka Putih: Sebuah Studi Kasus Kontrol


Factors Associated with Retained Placenta (Retensio Placenta) Case in Cempaka Putih Jakarta Islamic Hospital: A Case Control Study
Introduction. Retained placenta can cause life-threatening because it relates with bleeding and infection due to
retained placenta complication. Various factors such as age, paritas, history of birth complications, pregnancies
interval, and some other factor can affect the occurrence of retained placenta. This study aimed to determine the
factors associated with the incidence of retained placenta at Rumah Sakit Islam Jakarta Cempaka Putih in 20102016.


This study was a quantitative study with case-control design. It was conducted in Rumah Sakit Islam
Jakarta Cempaka Putih and data collection conducted in November 2016. Population in case group was all woman
who deliver with retained placenta case and population in control group was all women who deliver without
retained placenta case during 2010 – 2016. The number of samples in this study are 84 people who qualified the
inclusion criteria of this study whereas 42 respondents as a control group and 42 respondents as a case group. Data
collection conducted by viewing secondary data which is medical record. The data from medical record includes
patient identity, age, education, parity, distance of pregnancy, anemia status and complication history. The data
analysis used an univariat and bivariat analysis (Chi-square test).
Results. Respondent proportion on the case group mostly aged no-risk (81%), had high education (66,7%), had
parity no-risk (92,9%), had pregnancies interval no-risk (57,1%), had anemia (59,5%) and had no history of birth
complication (61,9%). There is correlation between the retained placenta with education (p value 0,003) and
anemia status (Pvalue 0,049).
Conclusions. The result showed there was a correlation between the incidence of retensia placenta with the level of
education (p value = 0,003) in addition, there is also a relationship between the incidence of retensia placenta with
anemia status (p value = 0,049).

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