Infant mortality rate is one of indicator to evaluate health care in one country. Based on
Indonesian Demographic and Health Survey in 2007, a number of 93 % pregnant woman had got
Ante Natal Care during their pregnancy and 73 % of them had helped with skilled birth attedance
when their delivery time. However, early neonatal mortality rate has been decreased in Indonesia.
Therefore, this study purpose to analyze the relationship between access to health care and early
neonatal mortality rate through Indonesia Demographic and Health Survey in year 2007. It is
use cross sectional as its design of the study. With logistic reggresion as an analytical method,
this study control its confounding such as gender of babies, birth weight, mother’s age, mother’s
occupation status, abortion history, parity, complication during pregancy, place of delivery, wealth
index, and place of living. The result showed thatthere was no significant relationship between
access to health care and early neonatal mortality, the adjusted odds ratio was 0.42 (95 % CI;
0.11 – 1.64). However, early neonatal mortality can be reduced through adequate antenatal care
and increasing health facilities during delivery.

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